The NMFS Ecosystem Science Team (NEST) supports the science backbone for all Living Marine Resources (LMR) related activities within NOAA’s Healthy Oceans Goal.  NEST efforts span across all NOAA Line Offices to bring forth the most relevant and up-to-date information on LMR and ecosystem monitoring, assessment and forecasting activities through the different phases of NOAA’s Strategy, Execution and Evaluation (SEE) process.  The NEST staff is housed at the NOAA-NMFS Office of Science and Technology.

From year to year, NEST directly responds to LMR management needs, providing the necessary scientific monitoring, assessment and forecast data to support NOAA’s Healthy Oceans Goal objective: “Improved understanding of ecosystems to inform resource management decisions.”

Mission: Through monitoring, assessments, and forecasts NEST programs provides society with timely, precise, and accurate information on the status, trends, and socioeconomic benefits of marine ecosystems and their living resources.


1.Fisheries Monitoring and Assessments (FMA)

2.Protected Species Monitoring and Assessments (PSA)

3.Ecosystem Monitoring, Assessments and Forecasting (EMA)

4.Economic and Sociocultural Monitoring and Assessments (ESM)

5.Data Management, Technology Transfer, Education and Outreach (EOD)

6.Habitat Monitoring and Assessments (HMA)


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